I have just got back from Korea. Working in Korea during this winter is pretty cold. With the temperature as low as -11 degree Celsius.

Traffic here is as bad as other countries. Going to work from Gangnam to Anyang takes 1.30 hours with crazy morning traffic.

Going around with taxi is very expensive and the traffic is really. I thought taking taxi will be faster way to commute but my assumption is pretty misleading. Taxi fare surcharge starts from 2400 (= RM7.2). Going from Gangnam to Anyang easily cost me RM120 for one way.

Tips to travel or commute using the subway, is by buying T-Money. You can buy the prepaid T-Money from 7-Eleven or GS-25 outlets. Kindly additional topup for your own personal use. The minimum trip charge starts from 900 Won (=RM2.7).