These are the questions:

• What do you value? What is important now?

• Where are you doing the best in your life? Or living the best version of you? What’s working well?

• Which facet of your life would you like to improve?

• What do you currently know about what you want next?

• What do you know about your vision or about your ideas for your next chapter?
Write it, paint it, say it aloud—whatever works to keep it alive.

• What is holding you back internally?

• What do you need to let go of? What makes it difficult to let go? What do you need or what questions can you ask yourself to make a no-regrets decision and move on?

• What is important to keep with you going forward? What is now permanently part of your being, your core, your essence?

• What has this life event taught you about yourself?

• How can that new information help you create your next chapter?

• How have you created something from nothing (or very little) in the past? What principles, ideas, or actions from that experience can you apply to this new experience?

• What are the major accomplishments in your life? How did you approach and achieve them?

• What is one goal you can limit yourself to for now? It’s important to start and finish one goal and then move on to another. If you start several at once, it’s difficult to sustain momentum because your first success takes longer. A success, no matter how small, feeds you.

• How will you know when you have achieved that one goal? How will you realize it, feel it, or see it? What does it look like or feel like when you’ve achieved the goal?

• What are the smallest steps you can take to begin chipping away at your goal?