When I think about Taiwan, i think about grey color because of the buildings there are so compact, boxy and grey blocks. Been here for 1 and half year as well. One of the best hotels that I stay is Grand Hyatt Taipei which comes with luxury. The hotel comes with breakfast on the bed and underwater stereo sound system in their swimming pool. Since I am one of the longer stay customer, the hotel provides free dinner at every restaurant every month and free cocktail party every week.

The hotel makes myself acquitance with those millionaires who stayed at the hotels for fun. Well, I stayed at the hotel for work.

Crowded city but efficient taxi. When I was in Taipei, it has just started to build Taipei 101 (the tallest building in the world)

Yar Ming Shan
It is a hot spring resort area. At one of the japanesse restaurant, I had the most expensive dinner with top managers from FET which cost about RM700++ per person.

During one of the weekends, My colleques and I went to visit active volcane. Smell with sulphur.

Stinking Tau Fu
The favourite dish for taiwanese and it really smell stink. Yuck!

Pearl Tea
Nice Taiwanese Tea with some jelly. “Nai Cha” or so called milk tea.

Fan Tian
The word means hotel in mandarin. Usually fan tian is meant restaurant for certain dialect.

Kunming Restaurant
One of the halal Restaurant in Taipei owned by Yacob Mah. He is originated from Kunming of course. Nice Chicken Tandoori and kebab. He served Tea Tarik too. Love it when I miss Malaysia.