Most people do not realize that without a Millionaire Mind they will never get rich. And the Law of Attraction as explained out there is filled with confusion, contradictions and even misinformation. Millionaire Mind refers to the beliefs, values and rules one must possess in order to achieve what the super rich achieve.

The attitudes and behaviors of the super rich are the consequence of the beliefs, values and rules they hold in the Subconscious computers.

The KEY to your success or failure is your Self-Image.

The ONLY reason for failure is an inadequate Self-Image.

The only reason for success is a winning Self-Image.

Your Self-Image is the SUM TOTAL of all the beliefs, values and rules you hold about yourself and the rest of the world.

You may consider that your Self-Image is divided in different MINI Self-Images, one for EACH different area of your life. Therefore, you have a MINI Self-Image for the health area, a MINI Self-image for the relationship area, a MINI Self-Image for the family area, a MINI Self-Image for the financial area, and so on.

Your MINI Self-Image in the financial area, your financial Self-Image, is also known as your Money Blueprint.

This MINI financial Self-Image, your Money Blueprint, is the SUM TOTAL of all the beliefs, values and rules you hold about yourself and MONEY. If your Self-Image is made up of limiting, useless beliefs and conflicting values and rules, the results is a “poverty consciousness” — NOT a “Millionaire Mind” but a “Poverty Mind”.

A “Millionaire Mind” is nothing more than a financial Self-Image , al Money Blueprint, being made up of beliefs, values and rules that will support you and help you acquire unlimited wealth. “it is real hard for me to make money” is not a belief held in the Millionaire Mind.

“It is real easy for me to make millions” is a belief held by the Millionaire Mind. “Money is NOT everything” is not a VALUE held by the Millionaire Mind. After all, it means that there are others things MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN money.

Similarly, “Money is not that important to me” is another VALUE which is NOT part of the values and beliefs of a Millionaire Mind, a winning financial Self-Image.

What does all these have to do with the Law of Attraction? EVERYTHING! The Law of Attraction is a new commercialized name for the ancient Law of Belief,

which simply states that “Whatever you deeply believe at the subconscious level will MATERIALIZE as your physical reality”, “It is done unto you as you believe”, “What you PREDOMINANTLY FOCUS ON you will attract into your life”. This Law deals with your beliefs (and values and rules).

Those famous vibrations you are supposed to RAISE, and nobody tells you HOW, are caused by the THOUGHTS you predominantly THINK ALL DAY LONG, which determines what you PREDOMINANTLY FOCUS ON all day long. What is not being explained to you is that what you PREDOMINANTLY THINK about and PREDOMINANTLY FOCUS ON is a direct and exclusive function of what you BELIEVE -your BELIEFS, VALUES/RULES. I am not going into all the specific details again.

I already explained that many times in several previous articles. Find them and study them. The THOUGHTS producing all those vibrations (frequencies) you are radiating are a PRODUCT of your BELIEFS (and values/rules). The ONLY WAY to change your vibrations is by CHANGING YOUR BELIEFS (and values/rules). Keep the OLD, limiting beliefs and conflicting values/rules, and your vibrations are kept LOWER and causing you to ATTRACT to yourself UNDESIRABLE results — by the Law of Belief/Attraction.

Eliminate the OLD, limiting beliefs and OLD conflicting values/rules, your vibrations will RAISE and you will start attracting different results, more in harmony to what you desire. The Law of Belief/Attraction takes your BELIEFS, VALUES and RULES and attract results in perfect harmony with their expansive, empowering nature or according to their useless, limiting, conflicting nature.

There is so MUCH NONSENSE being attached to the Law of Attraction, that I will give you a very simple way of understanding this universal Law. Think of God, the Universe, the Quantum Energy Field as being a GIANT MIRROR. If that makes you uncomfortable, think of God, the Universe,

The Quantum Energy as HOLDING this GIANT MIRROR. And this MIRROR is REFLECTING BACK TO YOU all day long the EXACT physical equivalent of your BELIEFS, VALUES and RULES. In simple words, this MIRROR is constantly REFLECTING BACK to you an EXACT MATCH to the beliefs, values and rules you hold in your Subconscious mind — even those beliefs, values and rules you are NOT even aware of!

The fact that you do NOT know your Subconscious computer holds certain beliefs, values and rules does NOT exonerate you from getting REFLECTED results that are in perfect harmony with the positive OR destructive nature of those HIDDEN beliefs, values and rules. The failure of MOST of those teaching you about the Law of Attraction is that they

FAIL to teach you that the FIRST step in achieving any new goal is to IDENTIFY and ELIMINATE as many dis-empowering, limiting opposing beliefs, values/rules as possible (known and HIDDEN) — even before you start taking steps top a new goal.

MOST people are radiating vibrations (frequencies) CAUSED by many HIDDEN beliefs, values and rules they do NOT even know that have deep in their Subconscious computers. No wonder the Law of Attraction is not working for ALL of them. They can visualize until they are blue in the face. They can use everything the gurus and experts tell them. And still, they will FAIL.

Why? Because deep in their Subconscious minds and HIDDEN from their conscious awareness the OLD limiting beliefs, values and rules are the CAUSE of their PREDOMINANT VIBRATIONS. Until they IDENTIFY and ELIMINATE those OLD, limiting beliefs, values/rules, these poor, unfortunately, misguided people will keep on sending out the SAME OLD vibrations and attracting teh SAME OLD negative, undesirable results. Therefore, to use the Law of Attraction/Belief effectively, from now on:

(1) START by thinking:

“To get that GIANT MIRROR to REFLECT BACK to me the LOUSY results I am currently getting, what must my HIDDEN beliefs, values and rules be?”. Find them and get rid of them. (2) Then, ask yourself

“To get that GIANT MIRROR to REFLECT BACK to me this goal X that I really desire, what must my NEW beliefs, values/rules be? Find them and program them into your Subconscious computer.

(3) Now, you are ready to program into your Subconscious computer your NEW goal, and do your visualization, affirmations, use trance (hypnotic states), NLP techniques and so on. The mistake most t people make, because that is what their gurus and teachers tell them to do, is to start with

(3) DIRECTLY, They totally BYPASS (1) and (2), especially (1), which is the HIDDEN source of all their miseries. SUMMARY. The process is straight forward: (1) Set a new goal as precisely as possible. (2) Identify as many KNOWN and HIDDEN beliefs, values abd rules as possible that are BLOCKING, OPPOSING your new goal.

(3) Eliminate all that was found in number (2) above. (4) Program (implant) in your Subconscious mind as many beliefs, values/rules that will HELP and SUPPORT achieving your new goal. They are usually the OPPOSITE of what you found in number (2) above. (5) Program (implant) your new goal into your Subconscious computer using tools such as self-hypnosis with visualization, affirmations, NLP techniques, etc. Most people FAIL because they perform number (1) and then, they immediately jump to number (5) — totally bypassing numbers (2), (3) and even (4). THAT has to be done for EVERY NEW GOAL you set.

No exceptions because the MIRROR will not forgive you if you BYPASS numbers (2), (3) and (4) — especially (2) and (3). If you follow this procedure and do NOT BYPASS any step, the Law of Attraction/Belief will work for, you ALL the time. Some people, accidentally, get their goal A because it HAPPENS they did not have any powerful HIDDEN beliefs, values/rules that were BLOCKING their goal A. But these SAME individuals try to achieve goal B, they FAIL — because unknown to them there are MANY powerful HIDDEN beliefs, values/rules BLOCKING goal B — but NOT goal A. STOP making this mistake. The GIANT MIRROR will NOT forgive your pathetic attempt to BYPASS steps number (2) and (3).

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