Pernah terbaca buku ni… “If It Weren’t For You, We Could Get Along! How to Stop Blaming and Start Living” by Lewis E. Losoncy.

Here’s the preface:

Five years from now, which decision will you wish you had made today?

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1. Blame the other person, or build yourself?

2. Blame your past, or build your future?

3. Blame your weaknesses and fears, or build on your strengths and potential?

4. Blame the outer world, or build your inner confidence?

5. Blame reality, or build your frustration tolerance

6. Blame people at home or work, or build yourself as an encourager?

7. Blame that huge challenge in front of you, or build yourself to conquer it?

Whatever your choice, 5 years from now will arrive, very soon.

You’ll learn down to earth examples and tools on how to stop blaming, judging, instead choose to understand and live, really live life. After all,

Blaming will find you right where you are today …
Building yourself will give you 5 more years of life. And then some.