There is a few hiccups travelling over here to sweden. First, my daughter was denied to check in due to her ticket is invalid. The travel agent has given me an invalid ticket, they have torn the wrong ticket. I was really pissed off and the counter personnel asked me to talk to the MAS ticketing counter. It is a long queue and the service is so damn slow. I have to wait for half an hour to get the ticket. Finally I got my turn to the counter and the personnel told me she cannot do anything unless I buy a new ticket. This is really ridiculous and I have to ask Bousted Travel for refund. I have to pay extra RM520 ringgit for the new ticket. She is 14 months old and at least I have to pay 10% out of total ticket price. If my wife or my other kid have the same problem, I have to pay extra RM4000++ ticket, I would really spoiled my mood that day. I’ll scold the travel agent and get my refund.

When I board MAS airline, the personnel incharge of taking my daughter stroller didn’t give me any tag for indication. He just drove the stroller to the luggage area without giving any tag. When I arrived savely in Arlanda airport Stockholm, I ask for the stroller but nobody know where the stroller is. It really spoiled my mood but luckily, I managed to get a nice taxi driver to send me to the apartment agent to get my key and send me to the apartment.

The apartment is nice with all ikea products. At least the apt made my day.

My apartment is near Solna, a walking distance to Solna Centrum and Stadium.