A Happy Pocket Full of Money
happy pocket

Your Quantum Leap into the Understanding, Having and Enjoying of Immense Wealth and Happiness
Your personal guide to Wealth Consciousness.

Experience infinite wealth, abundance and happiness Here, Now, in the new Golden Age of humanity.
Everything you need to be extremely wealthy and happy is inside of you, and nothing outside of you can stop you.
By David Cameron

Book Contents

  1. Money: An Illusion, A Shadow Of Something Else. 9
  2. The Steps To Wealth And Happiness 11
  3. How To Read And Understand This Book 13
  4. Quantum Physics: Knowing What You And The World Are Made Of Is The First Key To Knowing How To Make It Your Way 15
  5. The Truth About Time: It Does Not Exist Except As You Say It Does 29
  6. Images Of The Mind: The Blueprints Of Life 45
  7. Thinking And Speaking: The Instructions Of And For Life 53
  8. Goals: The Road Map To And In Wealth 68
  9. Being: First Cause, The Beginning 83
  10. Acting: That Which Receives 91
  11. Certainty: The Most Powerful Force And The Antidote To Failure 97
  12. Cause And Effect: The Prime Law Of The Universe 106
  13. Conditions: They Are Fantastic Illusions 115
  14. Success: You Can Never Fail 126
  15. Want Not: Desire, But Never Ever Want 131
  16. Purpose: Why You Are Here 136
  17. Giving: It’s What It’s All About 140
  18. Gratitude: Seals The Deal 147
  19. Consciousness: You Experience What You Are Awake To 149
  20. The Self: The Architect Of The Universe 155
  21. One: All That Is 177
  22. Abundance: You Have It All 183
  23. Happiness: Life Is Joy And Joy Is Life 190
  24. Money: How To Use The Symbol 203
  25. Our Civilization’s Money: Deepest Secrets Revealed And How You Fit In 221
  26. What, Exactly, Is Our Civilization’s Money And How Does It Work? 222
  27. How Does The Financial System Work At Its Most Secret, Foundational Level And How Does That Affect Me? (This Is Very Important). 233
  28. Is There Anything Wrong With Me? Why Do I Find It Hard To Make Money? How Can I Experience The Fully Empowered Co-Creator That I Am? 276
  29. Appendix 291