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Author: Gobala Krishnan

thenewmillionairesThis book shares the secrets of how Malaysian Internet business owners start their own Internet business and live the lifestyle most people only dream of. It also reveals advanced marketing tips and tactics to succeed in Internet business as well as why this Internet-business revolution is taking place.

My Story and Why You Need This Book
Why You Should Get This Book
Yet Another Book on Making Money Online?

Why I Quit My Job To Become An Internet Marketer
Why “Higher?Education Isn’t Enough
How I Got Trapped in The System
Meet MLM, My First Teacher
How To Be Great, Not Average
Making The Great Escape
My First Day as A Full-Time Internet Entrepreneur

What You Should Know About Making Money Online
How to Start on The Right Path
The New Millionaires Live in A Different World
The 5-Step System to Self Discovery
Applying The 5-Step System to An Online Business
Are Malaysians Ready to Make Money Online?

Interviews With 12 Malaysian Gurus
Choosing a Profitable Internet Business Model
The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid in Internet Marketing
How To Create Your Own Web Store
Power Dropshipping Tips and Secret Strategies
How to Become an EBay Powerseller
Professional Blogging For Advertising Cash
Google Adsense Cash With Article Directories
Black-Hat SEO Techniques for Google Adsense
How To Make Money from Affiliate Programs
Building A Big List With Viral Marketing
How to Make Money from Resale Rights and PLR
Building An MLM Empire With the Internet

Advanced Bonus Chapters
How I Made RM31,500 With A 12-Page Ebook
The DNA Of My Internet Business Revealed
How To Identify Profitable Market Gaps
The Fundamental Concepts of Keyword Research
How To Write Great Articles for Your Website
The Truth About Email Marketing
How To Market Your Business With Teleseminars
Understanding Resell Rights