Thailand used to be called by one of the pilot during my first flight to bangkok is a land of tomyam. I laughed when he said that. Overall, I like the country because of its’ hospitality and warm. Working there for nearly two years in different project starting in 1998. I like Tom Yum Qoong or “Shrimp TomYam”and Pak Pak Bung Fai Deng or “Morning Glory with Prawn Paste”

Thai words to remember.
Arai na – What’s up
Mai Aww – I don’t want
Khob Khun Kap – Thank You.
Kin Kaw – Eat
Love traditional massage and seafood. Stay at a few hotels. Have been here on and off about 2 years. Stay mostly in Centerpoint Hotel and Apartment at Sukhumvit Soi 10. Spacious room and free internet. Used to eat at Al-Hussain Restaurant at Soi 3 (Halal Food). Easy access to BTS (Bangkok Train System) at Nana (soi Nana)

Famous for dirty sex oriented. Never been inside the pub. Very nice night market there.

Good bargin and crowded. Only on weekends. Come early otherwise it will be very hot. It is at the end of MRT station.

Siam Discovery
Good for movies. Nice business class cinema.

Mah Boon Kong
Middle Class shopping area

Damnoen Saudak
This is the famous floating marketing outside Bangkok. 1 and half hours by car to this place. You can go early because it start very early and it will rather hot when it is late.

River Kwai
Take a train ride to feel the steep railway from thailand and Myanmar durint the world war.

Place where those people involved in “Death Train” or Keretapi Maut in Burma/Thailand

Stay at a beach resort in 1999 and it was demolished by the tsunami last year. Been there four times. The first one, a few years before Tsunami, Second one for my honeymoon , with my family (including 2 children) and forth one during company trip.

Chiang Mai
Went to those aborigines where those people plants poppy (drugs) for a living. Thai Majestic is trying to convince the poeple to change their habit from planting poppy to something else.

Lots of entertainment here especially the cabaret show. (Transvestite show where man wearing female dress). You may be fooled by them. They really look like ladies. Simon cabaret might be the best one to watch Cabaret Show.

Menam Chao Praya.
It costs about 800 baht for the romantic cruise. Well, I went with my wife. I have done the river cruise twice.

Grand Palace.
It went during the King’s Birthday and it was free. Later I found out foreigners have to pay to enter. I’m lucky.

Platinum Fashion House
Stay at Amari Watergate hotel just infront the Platinum shopping center.  A boutique with local brands outlets. The best place to shop clothes here.