Sweden is one of the nice place to stay but expensive. With winter cold which can be up to -28 celcius. I have experienced the temperature during my first visit in 1998. Now, I have been to sweden for the 3 time already. Nothing new for me except a few things.Â

Very artisitic with cultures. Stay at Royal Viking Hotel (Radison hotel) at T-Centralen (Near to train station). One of the tourist attraction is Gamla Stan.

Company office is located here so I would prefer stay here which i don’t need to commute everyday for 1 and half hour from stockholm. Stayed at the hotel apart near to Kista Galleria. Nice hotel apartment. I would recommend it with free internet of course.

This is a ship museum where the ship was built by vikings. It sunk after depart due to overloaded with canons.

St Lucia Day
One of the holiday in sweden to remember st lucia. There is an open market during this day infront of the vassamuset museum.

Noble Price
Noble price is done here every year so to remember how einstein got the noble price, I went to the place where the noble price winner had their dinner served during the noble price ceremony. I wish one day, I was one of the winner. Hehe.. Dream on..