It has been a month being here in Melbourne and celebrate Hari Raya here. For the first time, I went for Hari Raya pray at the Malaysia Hall at high street Melbourne with other fellow Malaysians.

Anyway I have to work on that day so I have already set up my laptop in the office before heading to the Malaysian Hall. But with inherited malay culture which is not punctual, the prayer has change from 8.30 to 9.00 and finally start at 9.20 and finished at 10.05. After the prayer, I couldn’t wait any longer to eat and hurriedly took the tram to get the office at the Tower of Melbourne Central.

My company booked a hotel apartment near to the Elizabeth street called Somerset on Elizabeth for two months. I have another one month before heading back to KL.

Melbourne is one of the places from the non muslim countries that I haven’t had any problem eating out.  Australia is the 19th countries that I have been to within 8 years working with this international company