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Frankly speaking, I like Indonesia and jakarta especially. Usually, I stayed in Grand Mahakam Hotel at Blok M or Hotel Kristal in Pondok Indah.  Both are nice. Â

Been everywhere in Jakarta and I know how to get almost anywhere in Jakarta. Although it is 100x100Km radius. I used to go to CJ with my Caucasians colleques at Hotel Mulia.

Ayam Gantari

The restaurant is just behind Blok M not far from Gran Mahakam Hotel. One of the best chicken in Jakarta. The place is may not be that hygiene.


I have been there three times and one of them is my honeymoon. Love to see the hindu cultures and surroundings. I have a local friend there where you can ask him to book the hotel with cheaper rate.

Went to a hot spring resort at Tangkuban Perahu and there is a live volcano over there. Went there to smell the sulphurs. The best part is there are many factory outlets here which sell many branded clothers like Tommy Hilfiger.



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