Create your own future – How to master the 12 critical factors of unlimited success

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With this guide you can achieve your goals faster than you ever dreamed possible. Discover how to skyrocket your success with twelve solid steps you can take to dramatically increase your results almost immediately.

Introduction: There Are No Limits ix
1 Success Is Predictable 1
2 Principle 1—Your Potential Is Unlimited 15
3 Principle 2—Clarity Is Critical 29
4 Principle 3—Knowledge Is Power 51
5 Principle 4—Mastery Is Magical 73
6 Principle 5—Attitude Is Everything 97
7 Principle 6—Relationships Are Essential 115
8 Principle 7—Money Matters 135
9 Principle 8—You Are a Genius 155
10 Principle 9—Results Determine Rewards 175
11 Principle 10—Seize the Day! 195
12 Principle 11—Character Counts 217
13 Principle 12—Fortune Favors the Brave 235
14 The Summing Up: Make Your Life a Masterpiece 255
Brian Tracy’s Focal Point: Advanced Coaching and Mentoring 259

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