If I think of china, i would imagine, people spit everywhere even in a restaurant. No rules, people don’t queue up even at foreign fast food outlet. Â

Very big city and crowded. The best part of beijing is the Palace. Tiananmen Square is a must visit place. I was here about 2 months and stayed at the Shangri-la Hotel.

Great Wall near Badaling
This is one of the wonders of the world. It is really tiring to climb the stairs to get to this great wall. After you’ve succeed climbing, many tourists used to buy a certificate of being there. Gold in Color. It is a nice thing to spend for souvenir.

It is a small town with 2 millions inhabitant. I have to worked here for one and half months. It is about about 3 hours by train to Beijing. It is a boring place. Every weekend, I went to Beijing for outing. The customer place is terrible with half covered toilet and no water. I have to go back to hotel for refreshment every time. At this time, the wind blows from Gobi dessert which bring this place dusty and humid.