Bob Proctor – Success Series

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I managed to download his audio book on his success series.

You don’t have to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth or work round the clock to create greater prosperity in your life. And, contrary to popular belief, it does not “take money to make money.”
Bob Proctor reveals the 12 simple concepts and action steps behind every millionaire’s success – none of which requires a thin dime. In this Bob Proctor series, you’ll learn how to institute the following into your abundance-driven life:

* SUCCESS This CD will enable you and your family to live with the same exciting success formula. It distills and combines ancient wisdom, the immutable laws of nature and the habits and techniques of modern achievers.

* DECISION You will become a fast, accurate, bold decision maker from the proper use of this CD. Your effectiveness will multiply as you begin to make tough decisions with ease.

* RISK You will quickly return to your creative, natural state. This powerful risk message will cause you to peel off layers of insecurity others have wrapped you in. You will experience a new dimension of freedom.

* PERSISTENCE Persistence will assist you in strengthening that quality that every person possesses. Persistence is to the human character what carbon is to steel.

* RESPONSIBILITY This CD contains the key to mental freedom. As you internalize this liberating message, you will develop an ever-increasing good feeling about yourself. You’re going to play this CD until it’s worn out.

* CONFIDENCE The message on this CD will help you develop “strength with style”. That is what you really want and that is what you’re really going to get. Confidence in your own ability will improve everything in your life.

* ACTION This CD contains information that will provide the trigger to fire you into action. It is a powerful piece to the puzzle that is success. It contains the method for the effective expression of your mental images.

* MONEY Money is freedom… freedom to live out your dreams; freedom to travel this beautiful world wherever and whenever you choose. Now you can shower your mind with the same concepts that wealthy people have studied and applied for years.

* GOALS The message on this CD will cause you to set goals that are truly worthy of the infinite potential that you possess. Self doubt will be replaced with self awareness. You are about to learn the goal setting and achieving methods used by Olympic athletes and business superstars alike!

* ATTITUDE Earl Nightingale called attitude the “magic word” and it truly is. You will become one of the very few people who truly understand what attitude is. Attitude is the only thing over which you have complete and absolute control. This is a message everyone should own and understand.

* CREATIVITY Everyone is creative whether they realize it or not. Creativity is the free expression of the life force flowing to and through you. This marvelous message will move you into an entirely new dimension of life.

* COMMUNICATION Communication is essential if you are going to enjoy success. You need other people… there is more to communication than words and listening. This lesson teaches you how to effectively communicate… heart to heart.

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