Got this touching email..

I got the news just now . . . . my ex-boss passed away a few minutes ago. It’s not that I cannot accept his death, for I expected that to come sooner or later looking at the way he huffed and puffed . . . but the way in which the lives of his loved ones are affected by it.

He was a man who put in long hours . . . not really a hardworking man, for most of the time he was talking about golf, but he enjoyed spending time at the office, being 35 years serving MISC.
That gave him very little time at home with his family, and with Saturdays spent with golf buddies, he was actually looking forward to spend his retirement and EPF money with his family.

Alas, that is not so. A few weeks before retiring, he found out that he had lung cancer, stage 3. Gone all the plans to travel, spending time with family, etc. And not even a year after that, he passed a way.

Reflecting on that . . . I just wonder why some people still smoke?
Even my friends who visited him, when they came back, the lesson was not learnt. Yes, everybody dies . . . but is it fair to leave the family this way?

Anyway . . . at the end of the day, it’s your life and your family.

Take care of your health for the sake of your family.
I feel sad for his family.
Salah satu perkara yang ramai orang tak ingat…. buat Wasiat!
Kita tak tahu apa yang kita akan tinggalkan.