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As the demand for and variety of 3G services increase, more advanced hardware and software technologies will be needed to enhance the mobile radio communications infrastructure.

This forward-looking book delivers a comprehensive overview of the advanced technologies driving the evolution of mobile radio access networks, focusing on high-level architectural issues and system engineering. The book highlights the advantages and drawbacks of these advanced technologies and helps you make strategic decisions on R&D planning and system deployment.

By striking a balance between theory and practice, and between technology and economics, it addresses the concerns of system engineering, research and development, and telecom management and analysis.

The book covers the critical topics you need to understand for your work in the field, from linear transmitters and radio-over-fiber, to software radio base station and mobile terminal positioning. This unique resource examines such cutting-edge technologies as HSDPA, MIMO, OFDM, and IP based RAN, and presents new concepts in both autonomic and ubiquitous networks.

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