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Buku Nota Fikir Untuk Zikir

Just Started reading this book from Ustaz Pahrol Mohd Juoi costs RM 19.00.

First of all, we need to understand the meaning of “Fikir” and “Zikir” here.

You have to grab the book if you want to know the meaning. It is exclusively only to the readers.

Price: RM19.00

Buku ini ditulis dengan mesej yang jelas: Zikir tanpa fikir akan menghasilkan individu yang beku, kaku dan mundur walaupun mungkin baik tingkah laku. Fikir tanpa zikir akan membentuk manusia yang aktif, dinamik tetapi merosakkan dirinya dan orang lain dengan pelbagai kemungkaran dan kejahatan.

Anda Tak Perlu Risau

Penulis: Rohani Sheikh Omar

price: RM10

To begin with, I have read this book from Rohani Sheikh Omar (costs RM16)

In order to understand about life, we have to know who we are and why we exist. Who am I actually? How can we tackle our life in this world.

Problem with the relationship with humans and with God. How can we balance it?

Mencari Redha Allah

My perspective towards life has changed drasticly. I used to read financial books, motivational books, self help books but now I’m spiritual books especially on the teaching of Islam.

With Kuliah Subuh every weekend and Kuliah Maghrih every weekdays, now my life is centered to the question.. Why Am I here?

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