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How to change your life in 7 steps

How to change your life in 7 steps  – John Bird Founder of The Big Issue


1.Start with 3%

a) The despair of depression

b) Remember – one small step at a time

2. Stop thinking like a victim

a) The blame culture

b) The world may screw you up – but you have to sort yourself out

c) Pat’s story

d) Stop making excuses

e) Stop feeling sorry for yourself

f) What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

g) You are no longer a victim if:

3. Be true to yourself and others

a) Lying feels good – until you get found out

b) Lying can even be dangerous…

c) Truth leads to freedom

4. Stop knocking everyone else

a) Put your energy to better use

b) Me, on the receiving end

c) People don’t like facing up to change

d) Try to find sources of genuine support

e) Negative vibes in the workplace

f) Is it a broken egg? Or an omelette?

5. Think for yourself

a) Think, before you believe

b) Give your own true opinion, even if it’s different

c) Listen to others, but believe in your own ideas

6. The importance of making mistakes

a) Some you lose

b) Maybe next year…

c) What are you afraid of?

d) Remember: you only have to start with 3%

7. Be your own leader

a) Times when someone has to take charge


3G Evolution

3g and lte

This very up-to-date and practical book, written by engineers working closely in 3GPP, gives insight into the newest technologies and standards adopted by 3GPP, with detailed explanations of the specific solutions chosen and their implementation in HSPA and LTE. The key technologies presented include multi-carrier transmission, advanced single-carrier transmission, advanced receivers, OFDM, MIMO and adaptive antenna solutions, advanced radio resource management and protocols, and different radio network architectures.

Their role and use in the context of mobile broadband access in general is explained. Both a high-level overview and more detailed step-by-step explanations of HSPA and LTE implementation are given. An overview of other related systems such as TD SCDMA, CDMA2000, andWIMAX is also provided. This is a must-have resource for engineers and other professionals working with cellular or wireless broadband technologies who need to know how to utilize the new technology to stay ahead of the competition.

The authors of the book all work at Ericsson Research and are deeply involved in 3G development and standardisation since the early days of 3G research. They are leading experts in the field and are today still actively contributing to the standardisation of both HSPA and LTE within 3GPP

Download 3G Evolution

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