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Get these Motivation ebooks

1. Million Dollar Habit by Brian Tracy 8/7/2008

2. You Were Born Rich by Bob Proctor 8/7/2008

3. The Greatest Networker In The World by John Fogg 8/7/2008

4. The Science Of  Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles 8/7/2008

5. Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill 8/7/2008

6. Morning Has Been All Night Coming by John Harricharan 8/7/2008

7. As A Man Thinketh bY James Allen  8/7/2008

8. How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie 23/7/2008

9. Discover True North 23/7/2008

10. PhD of Persuasion 23/7/2008

11. Secrets of Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker 23/7/2008

12. The Science of Influence by Kevin Hogan 23/7/2008

13. The Secret 23/7/2008

14. Mind Your Mind by Remez Sasson 23/7/2008

15. Money And Beliefs by Aine Belton 23/7/2008

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Self Motivation Techniques For You

Most people live their life in an automatic way, they just do what they think they have to do either if they love it or hate it, the problem is that if we dont have a clear purpose in life and clear goals to achieve our life becomes a routine and we therefore lack of motivation.

Motivation needs to have 3 vital principles attitude, a strategy and drive, a person that have those 3 things have unstoppable motivation and can overcome any obstacles because he is confident of himself.

But most people dont know how to motivate themselves or what are some effective self motivation techniques. First you need to have goals, if you dont have clear goals you are just moving without purpose on every direction.

Once you have difined your goals to motivate your self you need to have the 3 priciples.

The easiest way to be motivated is to love what you do, you need to have a real interest in whatever you are doing and a real purpose to achieve your goal. If you love what you do you will have a positive attitude.

Then you need a strategy, is great to like what you do, but if you dont have a plan and strategy to follow you are going to lose focus on your objective and get unmotivated.

Define the strategy that you are going to follow in order to achieve your goal.

And then you need to have drive, in order to have drive you need to love what you do and be passionate about achieving your goal, if you want to know what drive feels like, do a visualization exercise.

Think of how it will feel to reach your goal, feel the excitement and happiness, that is a simple way of doing visualization.

Now let me tell you a few simple techniques to motivate your self with incentives:

The night before the next day write down the tasks that you need to do and prioritize them.

Then begin your day doing the most important tasks and do the less important tasks after those.

Reward your self each time you achieve a deadline or you reach a new goal or record.

You should keep track of your progress every week so you can know for sure how much closer you are to your goal and where you need to improve.

Make a challenge with a friend or have common goals, if you can find a friend to achieve the same goal as you, it will be very fun and motivating for each of you see their progress.

Those are some simple self motivation techniques that you can start applying today also social motivation is very effective, tell your family and friends what are your goals and let them know your progress.

Give great presentation – Step To Success

great presentation
Speaking in front of other people can be a real worry if you’ve not had a lot of practice. Even if you know your stuff, it can be hard to get everything together in time, look confident, speak clearly and get your message across well.

Full of advice on how to prepare and deliver a knock-out speech, and including strategies that will help you cope if things don’t go to plan, this book features:

– a quiz to assess yours strengths and weaknesses
– step-by-step guidance and action points
– top tips: ideas to bear in mind for the future
– common mistakes and advice on how to avoid them
– summaries of key points to remember
– related web links and further sources of help

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