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101 Ways to Have a Business and a Life

The simple, practical and easy-to-apply ideas in this guide will help business owners identify the main reasons behind their lack of work-life balance and, most importantly, how to fix it. The experiences, tips, and coping mechanisms of thousands of business owners around the world who were consulted in the writing of the book are compiled into one easy reference that can get even the most out of control business owner back on track. The tips can be implemented quickly and with little or no cost, allowing readers to become the boss in both their businesses and their lives.

Writing a great resume

Your shortcut to successâ„¢ for over 40 years CliffsNotes. They helped you get through school. Now let them help you get through life. With this trusty guide, you’ll get up to speed fast on how to write a resume that gets results.
 Gather the tools you need to write a powerful resume fast
 Tailor your resume to suit your career history and goals
 Use sample resumes to model the perfect resume for you
 Reinforce what you learn with CliffsNotes Review

Download writing a great resume! 

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