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The Small Business Start-Up Kit

by Peri Pakroo (Author), Barbara Kate Repa (Author)

I found and read this ebook. It is interesting to know what are the things you need to start a small business.
Many people dream of running a business of their own – but often don’t know how to start. Sound familiar? This book can help. User-friendly and loaded with tips, The Small Business Start-Up Kit shows you how to launch a business quickly, easily and with confidence. The book explains, in plain English, how to:
*choose from among the basic types of business organizations – sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies (LLCs)
*write an effective business plan…

Million Dollar Mindset

“If all it takes to be wealthy is money…
why is it that lottery winners almost always
end up right back where they started?”

James Arthur Ray

millionaire mindset Think about it, the research is both definitive and sobering. Rich people who win the lottery stay rich. That’s their normal state. Middle class people who win the lottery soon end up back at middle class because that’s their normal state. And unfortunately, those who are broke and win the lottery quickly return to being broke. Because again, that’s their normal state.

The amount of money you have (or don’t have) is a mere reflection of who you are. If you think broke… you’ll always come back to being broke. And if you think wealthy… you’ll always return to wealth.

Millionaires (and even billionaires) often go financially broke, but their wealth remains intact, and… their finances always rebound.

Have you ever thought about wealth? I mean real wealth… not some lopsided partial achievement, but a comprehensive life that’s in harmony in all five key areas where you live your life every day.

Just suppose I put a million dollars into your bank account. Contrary to popular belief, that doesn’t make you wealthy. Now I know… you’re probably saying “give me the mill, James, and let me check it out for myself.” But you’d be missing the point.

Important as it is though, it’s only a part of wealth, and deep down inside, you know (or at least suspect) this is true.

Being wealthy is a mindset. And it includes creating wealth in your finances, as well as in the four other major areas of your life.

What will your life be like when money is unlimited? At last, here’s the program that you have been waiting for! James Ray has discovered that all top achievers have a common mindset that drives them to think and act in exactly the same way. By deliberately following six Critical Success Factors, they achieve ultimate results in their personal, professional and spiritual lives. The Million Dollar Mindset contains the insider secrets to guarantee that you will create the million-dollar lifestyle you want and deserve. By understanding and applying the concepts in this program, you will attract the money and the lifestyle you have always longed for. Here are some key concepts that you will discover:

– The “inner game” of success is the primary driving force for results
– There are several small things, which when done consistently, will create massive impact
– Success comes from playing full-out, holding yourself to higher standards and doing what most invariably don’t
– The single most important distinction that will create wealth in your life
– Creative approaches and fundamental methods that give you the leading edge
– How to rise above any and all external circumstances and use them to your advantage
– Money is created by specific actions and by making definitive commands Once these concepts are understood, you will learn: – The three distinct levels of manifesting money and an unlimited lifestyle
– The seven internal drivers of success
– The three secrets of compensation and how to gain the maximum returns
– The common skill of all legendary leaders and how to develop it within yourself
– How to help others go beyond “decision hesitation”
– The six psychological factors of strategic influence and how they are mastered
– Why a high-powered, high-impact environment is critical to your achievement And this is just the beginning!

million dollar mindset

The Million Dollar Mindset gives you the combination and unlocks the door to the money, success, fulfillment and lifestyle at the core of your heart’s desire. Regardless of your current position, results or skills, this amazing way of living is within your reach. Take charge of your life and your destiny RIGHT NOW and experience the wealth others can only imagine!

Keep Your …positive

Keep your thoughts positive
Because your thoughts become your words

Keep your words positive
Because your words become your actions

Keep your actions positive
Because your actions become your habits

Keep your habits positive
Because your habits become your values

Keep your values positive
Because your values become your destiny

My vows to get motivated…

I am motivated
My motivation comes easily
I get things done early
I complete everything on time
I start every project early
I am happy working
I see the benefits to my work
I am motivated by my own will to succeed
I reward myself for finishing projects
I love my work
I am motivated for every goal
I improve my relationships
I do outstanding work
I am inspired from within
My motivation is greater than the ocean
I am enthusiastic
My success motivates me further
Success is my driving force in life
I prepare for everything
I learn fast
I love applying what I learn

You have to tell yourself good and positive things and the good things will come. I hope it will be the same to you as well.

Good site to buy in Sweden

On my way to Sweden, I lost my kid’s stroller in the Malaysian Airline flight. When I enter the flight to Stockholm and I give my stroller to one of the airport personnel at the entrance and he supposed to give me the tag for the stroller.

But he didn’t and I walked into the plane and when i reached Stockholm, I asked for the stroller but they didn’t find it. I can’t do anything since I have no tag and the plane will continue the flight to New York.
I emailed to MH bags handling but nothing done! After two weeks holding and brings with cram arms, I bought a barnvagn or stroller thru their internet website called It is in swedish language but my colleque help me to surf around.

Finally i got the barnvagn with a very reasonable price.

Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time by Brian Tracy

I got a hold on this book. It is good for you who want to stop procrastinating. Stop procrastinate now!

For people who are overwhelmed by tasks of all sizes, this book provides the 21 most effective methods for conquering procrastination and accomplishing more. By identifying, then tackling, their biggest, most unpleasant task first — the philosophy of “eating a frog” — readers learn to plan and organize each day, set priorities, get started right away, and complete jobs faster.

Written in a fast-moving format and breezy style, this book is immediately accessible and applicable for readers in any occupation.

eat that frogThe legendary productivity expert shows how getting things done leads to mental rewards that can take us to great heights in our lives. Tracy’s ability to collect the best productivity ideas is only part of his genius.

Besides displaying his inimitable tone and impeccable pacing, the audio is another showcase for his palpable optimism about individual possibilities. Anchored in the idea that doing the hard task first (frog eating) makes the rest of the day more productive, the program is a tidy overview of Tracy’s best thinking on time management and life organization.

Download Eat That From in MP3

The Undercover Economist: Exposing Why the Rich Are Rich

I got hold of this ebook.

Harford exposes the dark underbelly of capitalism in Undercover Economist. Compared with Steven Levitt’s and Stephen J. Dubner’s popular Freakonomics (*** July/Aug 2005), the book uses simple, playful examples (written in plain English) to elucidate complex economic theories.

Critics agree that the book will grip readers interested in understanding free-market forces but disagree about Harford’s approach. Some thought the author mastered the small ideas while keeping in sight the larger context of globalization; others faulted Harford for failing to criticize certain economic theories and to ground his arguments in political, organizational structures. Either way, his case studies—some entertaining, others indicative of times to come—will make you think twice about that cup of coffee.

Bob Proctor – Success Series

I managed to download his audio book on his success series.

You don’t have to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth or work round the clock to create greater prosperity in your life. And, contrary to popular belief, it does not “take money to make money.”
Bob Proctor reveals the 12 simple concepts and action steps behind every millionaire’s success – none of which requires a thin dime. In this Bob Proctor series, you’ll learn how to institute the following into your abundance-driven life:

* SUCCESS This CD will enable you and your family to live with the same exciting success formula. It distills and combines ancient wisdom, the immutable laws of nature and the habits and techniques of modern achievers.

* DECISION You will become a fast, accurate, bold decision maker from the proper use of this CD. Your effectiveness will multiply as you begin to make tough decisions with ease.

* RISK You will quickly return to your creative, natural state. This powerful risk message will cause you to peel off layers of insecurity others have wrapped you in. You will experience a new dimension of freedom.

* PERSISTENCE Persistence will assist you in strengthening that quality that every person possesses. Persistence is to the human character what carbon is to steel.

* RESPONSIBILITY This CD contains the key to mental freedom. As you internalize this liberating message, you will develop an ever-increasing good feeling about yourself. You’re going to play this CD until it’s worn out.

* CONFIDENCE The message on this CD will help you develop “strength with style”. That is what you really want and that is what you’re really going to get. Confidence in your own ability will improve everything in your life.

* ACTION This CD contains information that will provide the trigger to fire you into action. It is a powerful piece to the puzzle that is success. It contains the method for the effective expression of your mental images.

* MONEY Money is freedom… freedom to live out your dreams; freedom to travel this beautiful world wherever and whenever you choose. Now you can shower your mind with the same concepts that wealthy people have studied and applied for years.

* GOALS The message on this CD will cause you to set goals that are truly worthy of the infinite potential that you possess. Self doubt will be replaced with self awareness. You are about to learn the goal setting and achieving methods used by Olympic athletes and business superstars alike!

* ATTITUDE Earl Nightingale called attitude the “magic word” and it truly is. You will become one of the very few people who truly understand what attitude is. Attitude is the only thing over which you have complete and absolute control. This is a message everyone should own and understand.

* CREATIVITY Everyone is creative whether they realize it or not. Creativity is the free expression of the life force flowing to and through you. This marvelous message will move you into an entirely new dimension of life.

* COMMUNICATION Communication is essential if you are going to enjoy success. You need other people… there is more to communication than words and listening. This lesson teaches you how to effectively communicate… heart to heart.

How to Build a Fortune (workbook) – Donald Trump

I managed to get hold of this workbook from internet.

A Trump University workbook covering attitude, goals, cashflow management, selling, making money, multiplying and leveraging your money, getting mentors. Kind of about real estate, but not really…

I’ll give some review after finish reading it.

6 Million Dollar Man

I used to read his newsletters before he died in a car accident while racing.

The late Corey Rudl – Corey is the 6 Million Dollar Man.

I say this because that’s how much his business is making every year online.

Let me ask you this question: If you could learn from a master marketer making 100k per year online, or from a Super Star marketer making 6 Million, who would you rather spend an hour with?

Corey has agreed to give you information for online prosperity in 2005 you can literally “bank” on.

If you’re interested to hear his tips on internet marketing.. Click here to download his MP3 – 22MB in size!!

How to earn quick cash by selling online

I got this from warriors group. Just to share with you what to do..

Hi fellow Warriors,

I was going to write a mini report on this, and sell it as a WSO, but, decided to rather give it back to this community.

You see, I have been a member of this great community since 1997. Back when we still paid to belong here. I know my post count does not directly reflect that, but, I generally like to fly under the radar.

My strategy I am about to share, is not fool proof, and is not guaranteed to work in any way. I do it, and it works GREAT for me. I make a ton of cash from it, and hopefully you will too!

So, here goes.

1. I shift through all the tons of offers coming in on WSO. I look for PLR products that include a sales page. I take my time to read every offer carefully, and also read the sales page in detail.
2. I pick and buy a product, or sometimes, multiple products.
3. I grab a domain name that works for the main product I intend selling.
4. I FIRST edit the sales page. I change names, graphics, grammar, spelling, add some more of my own copy, and add some bonuses.
5. I create the one time offer, which in most cases is MORE PLR material.
6. Now I edit the actual PLR material. I take my time, and read every single word. Again replacing names, links, emails, etc, Pay special attention to headers and footers in documents. I change the properties of the document to indicate I am the author, etc. VERY important! I change the name of the product! SO many people don’t even bother to do this!
7. I create, or have created graphics for all the products, as well as the site.
8. I upload everything to the site, setup payment and download, etc.
9. I setup an Autoresponder, and some messages.
10. I get a friend to do a test buy of both the main product, as well as the OTO. I make sure payment works, user gets added to the AR, AND, that they can download everything they paid for.
11. I mail my small, but very targeted list, and offer them the product, AT A DISCOUNT! Not much, normally around 10% to 20%. I do this to get testimonials, and to get conversion rates.
12. I take the data I now have on conversion rates, and approach other marketers to see if they will promote the product to their list.
13. I start posting on relevant forums, with quality content, with a link to the product in my sig file.
14. I write articles and submit to article sites. Again, author bio box has link back.
15. I search for relevant blogs, and post quality comments on posts, with a link to my site.
16. I take 2 days off, and start the whole process over again!

This is NOT only for PLR books, but, ANYTHING PLR, including software and videos!

It is a fair amount of work, but, think about it this way. I put in around a week’s worth of work, and average around $3K for that work. How many people earn $12k a month in their day job? Also remember, sales don’t stop on those site, I just stop working on them!

I hope this gives someone the kick up the backside to go make some money!

Life Matters : Creating a Dynamic Balance of Work, Family, Time & Money by A. Roger Merrill & Rebecca Merrill

I like to read Stephen Covey books. Below is the description for the ebook that I have downloaded.
Life Matters

As the home front and the work front become increasingly integrated in contemporary life, success–or failure–in either has an undeniable effect on the other. But it is possible to keep both areas moving forward in positive ways. In this much anticipated book, A. Roger Merrill and Rebecca Merrill show readers how to navigate the critical relationships between time and money, work and family, to create a harmonious, success-enhancing dynamic between each.
Life Matters guides readers in how to spend time and money in ways that translate the personal values and goals that matter most into daily life experience.
The crucial steps toward this kind of effective living include:
*Exploring the gap between what we deeply value and the reality of daily life
*Aligning resources with goals and values
*Using technology–one of life’s greatest balancing assets–as a tool for creating more time
*Utilizing the concept of dynamic investing, which includes intangibles such as energy, relationships, and integrity
*Succeeding at work and family do not have to be mutually exclusive goals
Also included are invaluable exercises that will help readers achieve greater satisfaction in all areas of life.

Clear Blogging: How People Blogging Are Changing the World and How You Can Join Them

Blogging has come to an interest for me since my friends are making money out of their blogs.

This is a synopsis for the new ebook I have downloaded from the net.

Almost overnight, blogging has become a social, political, and business force to be reckoned with. Your fellow students, workers, and competitors are joining the blogosphere–and making money, influencing elections, getting hired, growing market share, and having fun–to the tune of 8,000 new bloggers a day.

Clear Blogging sets out to answer in nontechnical terms what blogging has to offer and why and how you should blog. If you’ve never read a blog, but you keep hearing that term on the news, Clear Blogging will show you why blogging has shaken up mainstream media, and how a blogger can end up on CNN. If you’re just starting to read blogs, Clear Blogging is your native guide to the blogosphere, covering how to get the best, most interesting information with the least amount of time and effort. The main course of Clear Blogging shows what you stand to gain from blogging, and how you can go from your first post to being welcomed aboard the blogosphere’s A-list.

Whether you’re already blogging or you’re considering it, you’ll want to get a copy of this book because it
Covers how blogging can improve your job prospects, professional practice, business revenue, company reputation, and the world you live in
Includes over 50 interviews with successful bloggers who are influencing products, policy makers, potential employers, and millions of the general public–all while earning an online reputation and real profits
Shows you how to apply the best practices of news gathering to build your blog’s reputation and brand
Is heavy on the specific benefits of blogging and light on the technological aspects

About the Author
Bob Walsh has been a contract software developer in the San Francisco Bay area for the past 22 years, specializing in desktop information systems. His company, Safari Software, Inc., has for the past decade amazingly focused on the same thing, albeit at a higher hourly rate.

In 2003, as outsourcing finished what the bust started, he developed MasterList Standard Version, an Excel-based project and task management application. Two years and 40,000 users later, Safari Software, Inc., became a real live tooting micro-ISV by releasing MasterList Professional, a Windows personal project and task management application that, unlike traditional time management tools, gives you total control over your business and personal life while improving how you spend your time.

Before joining the ranks of the computer industry, Walsh was a reporter for several news organizations, most worth bragging about being United Press International (UPI).

8 signs it is time to change jobs before you get fired

I have read an article from yahoo career here about the 8 signs when you have to change your job. I have always thought about changing jobs. My friends would said to me “.. Ahhh you have said this 8 years ago… but still you’re in the same position”. I must admit my job is good for travelling and the pay is ok.. well to be honest I’m comfortable with the job.

If you find this 8 signs.. you know what to do!

1. You don’t fit in. Your values don’t match the company’s. If your colleagues are “dishonest and focused on getting ahead regardless of legal or moral barriers,” Bayer says, it’s time to quit before an Enron-style scandal sinks the ship.

2. Your boss doesn’t like you and you don’t like him or her. If your boss never asks your opinion, and never wants to chat or have lunch with you, and if you disagree with her agenda and dislike her style, your days are numbered. Adds Bayer: “If you’ve ever done something that undermined your boss, you might as well get out now.”

3. Your peers don’t like you. Feeling isolated, gossiped about, and excluded from the inner workings of the organization is a very bad sign, as is feeling that you’re not part of the team and wouldn’t socialize with your colleagues even if they asked you.

4. You don’t get assignments that demonstrate the full range of your abilities. “Watching all the good assignments go to others, while you’re given the ones that play to your weaknesses or are beneath your professional level, should tell you something,” says Bayer. Likewise, if it seems the boss doesn’t trust your judgment, you’re in trouble.

5. You always get called upon to do the “grunt work.” Everybody has to take on a dull or routine task now and then, but if you are constantly being singled out to do the work no one else wants, alarm bells should ring.

6. You are excluded from meetings your peers are invited to. Sound familiar? If it’s painfully clear that your ideas aren’t valued, why stick around?

7. Everyone on your level has an office. You have a cubicle in the hallway. Bayer notes that, whatever your title, your digs can speak volumes about your real status in the organization. If your peers have offices with windows and you’re asked to move into a broom closet – no matter what the official explanation – start cleaning out your desk.

8. You dread going to work and feel like you’re developing an ulcer. Ah, here’s yet another of your symptoms, and a particularly nasty one at that.

“If the idea of going to the office makes you anxious or physically sick, and you’re counting the hours from the time you arrive until the second you can leave, it’s time to move on,” says Bayer. Do it before you do serious damage to your health, or get so demoralized that you can’t be upbeat in job interviews, or both. Once things have deteriorated to this point, being perceived as a job hopper should be the least of your worries. Get out while you still can.

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