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Reading Adam Khoo – secretsofself-mademillionaires mp3

“Discover The *7 Steps To Financial Freedom* That Transformed Me Into A Millionaire At Just Age 26…

So YOU Can Sack Your Boss, Quit Your Dead-End Job, And Catapult Yourself To Financial Success!”

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Motivated to learn and listen to secrets of self made millionaires mp3 .. 12 CDs

Love it..

Inspired by his audio book, I rush to the MPH store in Alamanda to buy his books. After reviewing a few of his ebook, I bought all three books that he wrote.

1. I’m gifted so are you

2. Master your MINd and Design Your Destiny

3. Secret of Self Made Millionaires.

I’ll put the summary that I learn from his book here.. Check it out.. 

Monaco Monte Carlo & Nice France

Last week, I was planning to go to Nice, France but since my friend has not been online for sometime until friday, I have managed to contact him.

At last on that friday, I went to Lambrate FS in Milan to buy the return ticket from here to Nice, France. But my friend insist me to stop in Monaco because he thinks that the place should never be missed. I bought the ticket with 55 Euros which is rather cheap.

Wake up early in the morning but the first metro train from CroCetta to Central FS only opened at 6.00a.m and the train only comes at 6.15a.m. I was so stressed out and I hope I can manage to get on the train on time.

This is my first time to be on the train intercity and inter country by myself. It is not about the safety but it is about the language, if something wrong, I cannot speak italian or french.

Check out the website for schedule and booking.

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