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Mobile Messaging Technologies and Services SMS EMS and MMS 2ed

Building on the success of the first edition, Mobile Messaging Technologies and Services offers extensive new and revised material based upon the latest research and industry developments. While early implementations targeted person-to-person messaging, MMS has now evolved to facilitate such requirements as the mass delivery of time-sensitive messages for content-to-person messaging.

This Second Edition exploits the technical maturity of MMS as it is poised to generate a wealth of new business opportunities across the mobile communications sector. The author provides the fundamental technical background required for SMS, EMS and MMS, and supports this with industry cutting-edge developments.

¡ñ Contains a revised section on the fundamentals of MMS, including an updated section on GPRS to explain current commercial implementations such as GRX applications.

¡ñ Presents the latest developments in MMS standardization, including the design of synchronized multimedia integration language (SMIL) presentations, Digital Rights Management (DRM), transcoding techniques, postcard service and support of advanced multimedia formats.

¡ñ Describes the processes for standardizing telecommunications services and technologies (3GPP, OMA, GSM Association, IETF and W3C).

¡ñ Provides updated sections on SMS, EMS and heavily revised coverage of the developments in MMS, including MMS interworking and the forthcoming MMS version 1.3.

This resource will be invaluable for application developers, manufacturers, operators and content providers involved in the design and deployment of messaging services.

It will also be of interest to practitioners involved in the process of standardizing telecommunications services and technologies. Postgraduate students and researchers will benefit from having access to state-of-the-art findings backed by numerous illustrative real-world examples.

Includes a companion website featuring information on relevant standards, available phones and developer’s resources.

Advances in Mobile Radio Access Networks

As the demand for and variety of 3G services increase, more advanced hardware and software technologies will be needed to enhance the mobile radio communications infrastructure.

This forward-looking book delivers a comprehensive overview of the advanced technologies driving the evolution of mobile radio access networks, focusing on high-level architectural issues and system engineering. The book highlights the advantages and drawbacks of these advanced technologies and helps you make strategic decisions on R&D planning and system deployment.

By striking a balance between theory and practice, and between technology and economics, it addresses the concerns of system engineering, research and development, and telecom management and analysis.

The book covers the critical topics you need to understand for your work in the field, from linear transmitters and radio-over-fiber, to software radio base station and mobile terminal positioning. This unique resource examines such cutting-edge technologies as HSDPA, MIMO, OFDM, and IP based RAN, and presents new concepts in both autonomic and ubiquitous networks.

Start reading Advanced Wireless Networks 4G Technologies

The major expectation from the fourth generation (4G) of wireless communication networks is to be able to handle much higher data rates, allowing users to seamlessly reconnect to different networks even within the same session.

Advanced Wireless Networks gives readers a comprehensive integral presentation of the main issues in 4G wireless networks, showing the wide scope and inter-relation between different elements of the network.

This book adopts a logical approach, beginning each chapter with introductory material, before proceeding to more advanced topics and tools for system analysis. Its presentation of theory and practice makes it ideal for readers working with the technology, or those in the midst of researching the topic.
Covers mobile, WLAN, sensor, ad hoc, bio-inspired and cognitive networks as well as discussing cross-layer optimisation, adaptability and reconfigurability

Includes hot topics such as network management, mobility and hand-offs, adaptive resource management, QoS, and solutions for achieving energy efficient wireless networks

Discusses security issues, an essential element of working with wireless networks

Supports the advanced university and training courses in the field and includes an extensive list of references

Providing comprehensive coverage of the current status of wireless networks and their future, this book is a vital source of information for those involved in the research and development of mobile communications, as well as the industry players using and selling this technology.

Understanding UMTS Radio Network Modelling Planning and Automated Optimisation

This book sets out to provide the theoretical foundations that will enable radio network planners to plan model and optimize radio networks using state-of-the-art findings from around the globe.

It adopts a logical approach, beginning with the background to the present status of UMTS radio network technology, before devoting equal coverage to planning, modelling and optimization issues.

All key planning areas are covered, including the technical and legal implications of network infrastructure sharing, hierarchical cell structure (HCS) deployment, ultra-high-site deployment and the benefits and limitations of using computer-aided design (CAD) software.

Theoretical models for UMTS technology are explained as generic system models, stand-alone services and mixed services. Business modelling theory and methods are put forward, taking in propagation calculations, link-level, UMTS static and UMTS dynamic simulations.

The challenges and goals of the automated optimization process are explored in depth using cutting-edge cost function and optimization algorithms.

This theory-based resource containing prolific illustrative case studies explains the reasons for UMTS radio networks performance issues and how to use this foundational knowledge to model, plan and optimize present and future systems.

Read Next Generation Wireless Systems and Networks

Next Generation Wireless Systems and Networks offers an expert view of cutting edge Beyond 3rd Generation (B3G) wireless applications.

This self-contained reference combines the basics of wireless communications, such as 3G wireless standards, spread spectrum and CDMA systems, with a more advanced level research-oriented approach to B3G communications, eliminating the need to refer to other material.

This book will provide readers with the most up-to-date technological developments in wireless communication systems/networks and introduces the major 3G standards, such as W-CDMA, CDMA2000 and TD-SCDMA. It also includes a focus on cognitive radio technology and 3GPP E-UTRA technology; areas which have not been well covered elsewhere.

Covers many hot topics in the area of next generation wireless from the authors¡¯ own research, including: Bluetooth, all-IP wireless networking, power-efficient and bandwidth-efficient air-link technologies, and multi-user signal processing in B3G wireless

Clear, step-by-step progression throughout the book will provide the reader with a thorough grounding in the basic topics before moving on to more advanced material

Addresses various important topics on wireless communication systems and networks that have emerged only very recently, such as Super-3G technology, 4G wireless, UWB, OFDMA and MIMO
Includes a wealth of explanatory tables and illustrations

This essential reference will prove invaluable to senior undergraduate and postgraduate students, academics and researchers. It will also be of interest to telecommunications engineers wishing to further their knowledge in this field.

My specialize work – HSDPA HSUPA for UMTS

From the editors of the highly successful WCDMA for UMTS, this new book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date reference to High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) technologies for WCDMA.


The editors cover both HSDPA and HSUPA, including an in-depth description and explanation of 3GPP standards, and expected performance based on simulations and first measurements.

The text also discusses the impact of HSDPA and HSUPA on network dimensioning, covers applications and end-to-end performance in detail, and includes a section on radio frequency requirements and terminal design considerations.
The most comprehensive and advanced guide to the HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) and HSUPA (High Speed Uplink Packet Access) technologies and standardisation, HSDPA/HSUPA for UMTS:

Analyses the impact of HSDPA/HSUPA on network dimensioning, discussing co-existence with R99 (Release 99) and GPRS/EDGE (General Packet Radio Services/ Enhanced Data GSM Environment)

Contains a section on applications and end-to-end (e2e) performance
Includes a chapter on radio frequency (RF) requirements and terminal design considerations, covering different RF bands, multi-band HSDPA and multi-mode HSDPA+EDGE challenges, power consumption
Provides numerous illustrations of 3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Project) standards and performance

This title provides excellent coverage of the area for system, element and chip designers, network planners, technical mangers with vendors, operators and application developers. It is also ideal for postgraduates and researchers in related areas.

If It Weren't For You, We Could Get Along! How to Stop Blaming and Start Living

Pernah terbaca buku ni… “If It Weren’t For You, We Could Get Along! How to Stop Blaming and Start Living” by Lewis E. Losoncy.

Here’s the preface:

Five years from now, which decision will you wish you had made today?

Continue to …

1. Blame the other person, or build yourself?

2. Blame your past, or build your future?

3. Blame your weaknesses and fears, or build on your strengths and potential?

4. Blame the outer world, or build your inner confidence?

5. Blame reality, or build your frustration tolerance

6. Blame people at home or work, or build yourself as an encourager?

7. Blame that huge challenge in front of you, or build yourself to conquer it?

Whatever your choice, 5 years from now will arrive, very soon.

You’ll learn down to earth examples and tools on how to stop blaming, judging, instead choose to understand and live, really live life. After all,

Blaming will find you right where you are today …
Building yourself will give you 5 more years of life. And then some.

Makanan halal di Tokyo Jepun

Jika anda berkunjung ke tokyo, ada beberapa tempat yang boleh anda kunjungi untuk mendapat makanan halal seperti

Ayam halal – boleh beli di underground market di Pasar Ueno

Produk malaysia, kari, perencah semua boleh di beli di Eki Yoyogi-Uehara (Seberang jalan di stesen Yoyogi-Uehara)

Tenya di Akihabara (Ebi Don – Tempura Udang)

Best Resumes for College Students And New Grads: Jump-Start Your Career!

Best Resume for college studentsHelps students by describing skills and attributes that are valuable in the workplace, answering common questions, delivering expert advice that is relevant in today’s hiring market, and showcasing high-quality resumes and cover letters prepared by professional resume writers – all written for college students or new graduates. It is a comprehensive resource appropriate for diverse college majors, both undergraduate and graduate, as well as for students seeking internships and co-op jobs while still in school.
Key Features:

* A large collection of more than 100 top-notch sample resumes written by professional resume writers and career counselors, targeted to help college students and graduates at all levels land the job they want.
* Internet job search and resume help.
* Self-evaluation worksheets to help readers discover their skills and adapt their college experience to the real world.
* Guidance on writing all types of job search correspondence, such as cover letters, thank-you notes, job acceptance letters, and job declination letters.

Melbourne Cup Hari cuti di melbourne

Melbourne cup carnival atau dipanggil Victoria Derby atau karnival racing kuda di Melbourne merupakan acara yang paling dinantikan di melbourne ni. Sebalik hari cuti umum untuk warga melbourne, ia adalah satu acara penting untuk warga melbourne atau australia yang suka berjudi perlumbaan kuda.

Bagi aku, aku nak relaks sikit terutama cuti-cuti ni memang selalu dinantikan.

Kalau di taiwan atau hongkong, kadang-kadang tu tertunggu-tunggu biar typhoon/taufan datang. Kalau skala taufan lebih tinggi maka selalunya di isytiharkan cuti. Memang mengarut doakan cuti sebegini tetapi kadang-kadang ianya perlu kerana stress. hehe