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Mission: 1 book read in 3 days.

Sekarang ini, misi terbaru saya adalah untuk membaca banyak buku. Target saya 30 buah buku setahun.

Starting with “Menjejaki Jutawan Senyap” from Dr. Chef Li.  Buku Chef Li memang sangat bagus untuk motivasi keusahawan.

It is a good motivational book for starting up business with what you already have. I have finished the books in 2 days.

Buku dibawah telah hilang apabila di pinjamkan kepada kawan-kawan.

So mulai hari ni, tak de siapa yang boleh pinjam buku saya lagi.  Buku adalah harta saya.

Selamat membaca!

Saudi Arabia

I did my pilgrimage in 8 Jan 2004. Went there with my wife. I left behind my 9 months old son to my mother. I was 31 at that time.

Masjid Nabi
We took Saudi Arabian airlines and reached Madinah. Tabung Haji accommodates us at one of the Hotel Firdaus I guess which is only 100 meter from the Masjid Nabi. After we reached, I rushed to the Masjid Nabi to pray and to see the Raudhah. Near to the Prophet Muhammad Tomb.
I did more than 40 times prayer here during the trip (it is highly recommended to do at least 40 times (8 days x 5 prayers) here.

One of the known “heaven park” – taman syurga. I managed to pray and did my my prayer here many times.

Masjidil Haram

Jabal Rahmah

Melontar di Jamrah

Here in Mina, I was so grateful to meet somebody who can recite quran so beautifully, He is Dr Sheikh Saad Said Al-Ghamidi. I manage to shake hand/salam with him. Tabung Haji has invited him for a tazkirah about Hajj.


The Internation airport and port nearby Mekah.


One of the peaceful place on earth. I promise to myself that I have to get at least once in 5 years and do another round of Hajj just like parents. They did five hajj already. At least for my umrah, i’ll be there again and again.

Stay at Hotel Firdaus, Makkah and i did bought The prophet dates “ajwa” from here.

Obsessed with books

I went to MPH alamanda to find a book called “Rahsia buat duit dengan Internet”.

But I ended buying another two books “Berubah untuk kaya” and “Buat duit dari Rumah”.

I will review the books and jot it down here. I hope I can finish reading them.


5 Tip Sukses Mail Order

This new book that i read.

Summary from the book.

Perniagaan melalui pos adalah menyeronokkan dan mudah dilakukan sama ada secara sambilan ataupun sepenuh masa. Lebih-lebih lagi, ia dapat memberikan anda keuntungan yang tinggi. Malah anda boleh menjadi kaya hasil daripada perniagaan yang unik ini. Tetapi, ia memerlukan masa.


Kita tidak dapat kaya dalam jangka masa yang singkat. Lakukan perniagaan ini secara berterusan dan jangan jemu-jemu. Jadi, di sini saya berikan anda lima perkara yang anda perlu lakukan supaya berjaya serta sukses dalam perniagaan mail order:

1#: Dapatkan pengiklanan yang murah
Anda tidak boleh dan tidak digalakkan mengiklankan dalam ruangan iklan yang mahal. Terdapat akhbar-akhbar yang menawarkan pengiklanan yang murah. Jika anda mengiklankan produk dan perkhidmatan dalam pengiklanan yang besar dan mahal, dikhuatiri anda tidak sempat dan tidak berupaya mendapatkan keuntungan yang sewajarnya. Buat permulaan, iklankan secara kecil-kecilan terlebih dahulu.

2#: Piramidkan keuntungan anda
Maksud piramidkan keuntungan adalah anda menggunakan separuh daripada keuntungan bersih bagi mengiklankan dengan lebih kerap dan banyak. Iklankan di dalam akhbar serta majalah yang berlainan. Jangan cepat hendak mendapatkan keuntungan. Ia perlu bergerak secara bertahap sehingga anda dapat meraih keuntungan yang tinggi.

3#: Pengiklanan di dalam akhbar dan majalah berlainan
Cubalah anda iklankan dalam pengiklanan yang berlainan. Apabila anda mendapat keuntungan, selain anda mengiklankan di dalam akhbar-akhbar yang sedia ada, anda boleh mengiklankan di dalam akhbar yang belum pernah anda iklankan. Selepas itu, carilah majalah yang belum pernah anda iklankan. Apabila keuntungan anda sudah berlipat ganda, perniagaan anda kerap keluar dalam iklan akhbar, maka bolehlah anda mengiklankan pada ruangan yang lebih besar. Saudara Hamidan Salehan, pengasas Dinamic Mail Enterprise kin, berupaya mengiklankan produk dengan menggunakan satu ruang penuh. Contohnya, dalam akhbar Mingguan Perdana. Tidak hairanlah, pendapatan secara purata ialah RM50,000 setahun.

4#: Iklankan produk lain
Anda boleh melipatgandakan keuntungan dengan mengiklankan produk yang lain pula. Lakukan langkah 1 hingga langkah 3 dan lihat hasil keuntungannya. Anda berhak mengiklankan beberapa produk yang anda sukai. Tetapi buat permulaan, cukup hanya satu produk sahaja. Setiap langkah perlu perlahan tetapi bertahap.

5#: Jangan takut kepada kesilapan
Kesilapan adalah bibit-bibit kejayaan. Belajar daripada kesilapan. Perniagaan mail order adalah perniagaan yang membolehkan anda menjadi kaya, tetapi secara bertahap. Bukan kaya cepat. Cepat kaya, cepatlah jatuh. Betulkan segala kesilapan dan jangan ulangi kesilapan yang sama.

Love to read

I heard that there is a book written by UTP bloke which called “Rahsia buat duit dari Internet”. Try to get one but I hope it doesn’t talk about adsense.

Talking about adsense, it has been 3rd time, my account was blocked without any reason. Their common answer is “invalid clicks”. Even I follow the rules, I still doesn’t get it. Well, from now on, I have been thinking that I cannot depend on other to create money but I have to create myself to get it. So I have to start something and start to sell. That’s how the money comes in.



When I think about Taiwan, i think about grey color because of the buildings there are so compact, boxy and grey blocks. Been here for 1 and half year as well. One of the best hotels that I stay is Grand Hyatt Taipei which comes with luxury. The hotel comes with breakfast on the bed and underwater stereo sound system in their swimming pool. Since I am one of the longer stay customer, the hotel provides free dinner at every restaurant every month and free cocktail party every week.

The hotel makes myself acquitance with those millionaires who stayed at the hotels for fun. Well, I stayed at the hotel for work.

Crowded city but efficient taxi. When I was in Taipei, it has just started to build Taipei 101 (the tallest building in the world)

Yar Ming Shan
It is a hot spring resort area. At one of the japanesse restaurant, I had the most expensive dinner with top managers from FET which cost about RM700++ per person.

During one of the weekends, My colleques and I went to visit active volcane. Smell with sulphur.

Stinking Tau Fu
The favourite dish for taiwanese and it really smell stink. Yuck!

Pearl Tea
Nice Taiwanese Tea with some jelly. “Nai Cha” or so called milk tea.

Fan Tian
The word means hotel in mandarin. Usually fan tian is meant restaurant for certain dialect.

Kunming Restaurant
One of the halal Restaurant in Taipei owned by Yacob Mah. He is originated from Kunming of course. Nice Chicken Tandoori and kebab. He served Tea Tarik too. Love it when I miss Malaysia.



Frankly speaking, I like Indonesia and jakarta especially. Usually, I stayed in Grand Mahakam Hotel at Blok M or Hotel Kristal in Pondok Indah.  Both are nice. Â

Been everywhere in Jakarta and I know how to get almost anywhere in Jakarta. Although it is 100x100Km radius. I used to go to CJ with my Caucasians colleques at Hotel Mulia.

Ayam Gantari

The restaurant is just behind Blok M not far from Gran Mahakam Hotel. One of the best chicken in Jakarta. The place is may not be that hygiene.


I have been there three times and one of them is my honeymoon. Love to see the hindu cultures and surroundings. I have a local friend there where you can ask him to book the hotel with cheaper rate.

Went to a hot spring resort at Tangkuban Perahu and there is a live volcano over there. Went there to smell the sulphurs. The best part is there are many factory outlets here which sell many branded clothers like Tommy Hilfiger.




Sweden is one of the nice place to stay but expensive. With winter cold which can be up to -28 celcius. I have experienced the temperature during my first visit in 1998. Now, I have been to sweden for the 3 time already. Nothing new for me except a few things.Â

Very artisitic with cultures. Stay at Royal Viking Hotel (Radison hotel) at T-Centralen (Near to train station). One of the tourist attraction is Gamla Stan.

Company office is located here so I would prefer stay here which i don’t need to commute everyday for 1 and half hour from stockholm. Stayed at the hotel apart near to Kista Galleria. Nice hotel apartment. I would recommend it with free internet of course.

This is a ship museum where the ship was built by vikings. It sunk after depart due to overloaded with canons.

St Lucia Day
One of the holiday in sweden to remember st lucia. There is an open market during this day infront of the vassamuset museum.

Noble Price
Noble price is done here every year so to remember how einstein got the noble price, I went to the place where the noble price winner had their dinner served during the noble price ceremony. I wish one day, I was one of the winner. Hehe.. Dream on..


If I think of china, i would imagine, people spit everywhere even in a restaurant. No rules, people don’t queue up even at foreign fast food outlet. Â

Very big city and crowded. The best part of beijing is the Palace. Tiananmen Square is a must visit place. I was here about 2 months and stayed at the Shangri-la Hotel.

Great Wall near Badaling
This is one of the wonders of the world. It is really tiring to climb the stairs to get to this great wall. After you’ve succeed climbing, many tourists used to buy a certificate of being there. Gold in Color. It is a nice thing to spend for souvenir.

It is a small town with 2 millions inhabitant. I have to worked here for one and half months. It is about about 3 hours by train to Beijing. It is a boring place. Every weekend, I went to Beijing for outing. The customer place is terrible with half covered toilet and no water. I have to go back to hotel for refreshment every time. At this time, the wind blows from Gobi dessert which bring this place dusty and humid.



My company sent me for a course in aachen, germany in 2002. It is situated at the border of germany and belgium. I have to fly to Vienna, Australia using Lauda Air and later take another flight to Dusseldorf.

Luckily, my german friend fetch me at the Dusseldorf airport to Aachen which takes about one and half hour by car.


Thailand used to be called by one of the pilot during my first flight to bangkok is a land of tomyam. I laughed when he said that. Overall, I like the country because of its’ hospitality and warm. Working there for nearly two years in different project starting in 1998. I like Tom Yum Qoong or “Shrimp TomYam”and Pak Pak Bung Fai Deng or “Morning Glory with Prawn Paste”

Thai words to remember.
Arai na – What’s up
Mai Aww – I don’t want
Khob Khun Kap – Thank You.
Kin Kaw – Eat
Love traditional massage and seafood. Stay at a few hotels. Have been here on and off about 2 years. Stay mostly in Centerpoint Hotel and Apartment at Sukhumvit Soi 10. Spacious room and free internet. Used to eat at Al-Hussain Restaurant at Soi 3 (Halal Food). Easy access to BTS (Bangkok Train System) at Nana (soi Nana)

Famous for dirty sex oriented. Never been inside the pub. Very nice night market there.

Good bargin and crowded. Only on weekends. Come early otherwise it will be very hot. It is at the end of MRT station.

Siam Discovery
Good for movies. Nice business class cinema.

Mah Boon Kong
Middle Class shopping area

Damnoen Saudak
This is the famous floating marketing outside Bangkok. 1 and half hours by car to this place. You can go early because it start very early and it will rather hot when it is late.

River Kwai
Take a train ride to feel the steep railway from thailand and Myanmar durint the world war.

Place where those people involved in “Death Train” or Keretapi Maut in Burma/Thailand

Stay at a beach resort in 1999 and it was demolished by the tsunami last year. Been there four times. The first one, a few years before Tsunami, Second one for my honeymoon , with my family (including 2 children) and forth one during company trip.

Chiang Mai
Went to those aborigines where those people plants poppy (drugs) for a living. Thai Majestic is trying to convince the poeple to change their habit from planting poppy to something else.

Lots of entertainment here especially the cabaret show. (Transvestite show where man wearing female dress). You may be fooled by them. They really look like ladies. Simon cabaret might be the best one to watch Cabaret Show.

Menam Chao Praya.
It costs about 800 baht for the romantic cruise. Well, I went with my wife. I have done the river cruise twice.

Grand Palace.
It went during the King’s Birthday and it was free. Later I found out foreigners have to pay to enter. I’m lucky.

Platinum Fashion House
Stay at Amari Watergate hotel just infront the Platinum shopping center.  A boutique with local brands outlets. The best place to shop clothes here.

Musim Cuti …Musim Kahwin..

Well, School holidays are on the way. Now, many young couples get married.

For those who want to get married. it is better read this book. “The lost Jewel” atau dikenali sebagai “Permata yang hilang”

“Ketahui RAHSIA ALAM RUMAH TANGGA dalam satu buku yang boleh dikatakan komprehensif bagi pengetahuan ANDA yang akan mendirikan RumahTangga dan JUGA bagi yang sudah pun berumahtangga tapi ingin mengetahui lebih lanjut atau ingin menyerikan lagi RumahTangga anda!”

Selamat Pengantin Baru!

Check it out here!

Murah je pun RM35 Sem. Malaysia dan RM40 Sabah & Sarawak

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