Currently reading this book, This is a comprehensive guide to the tax implications of property investment. It collects together in one source all of the tax issues relevant to property investment, and serves as an invaluable tool to help investors in their vital decision-making processes.

The book covers the specifics of property income taxation, which is in many ways distinct from taxation of other kinds of income. The availability of deductions against rental income is discussed with clear examples.

In addition to dealing with the taxation of property income, the book covers other areas of taxation including investment holding companies and real estate investment trusts which have relevance for the property investor. Tax-saving strategies which include tax deferment, tax reduction and elimination of tax liability are explored with practical illustrations.

Besides a wealth of tax-saving ideas for long term investors, the book also has useful tips for people seeking to exploit the property market by realising short term gains and some useful strategies for mitigating real property gains tax.

The revised and expanded chapter on RPGT also includes the calculation of the tax, family gifts and the potential trap, computations through the exempt period, the 2% withholding tax and the new loss relief.

This book contains a wealth of ideas to help you to minimize the taxes you have to pay and to plan your future actions so as to pay as little tax as possible.

This book aims to make the understanding of tax issues affecting property investment easy by using simple everyday language and practical examples to illustrate them. It is certainly a book not to be missed by property investors, tax consultants, real estate consultants, estate agents, lawyers, landlords and anyone with an interest in property income.